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Sriracha Tiger Zoo


It boasts to contain the largest number of Bengal tigers, bred successfully by the farm itself. Besides, the zoo has several other animals such as crocodiles, ostriches, single hump camels, kangaroos and an aviary of exotic birds. Exciting shows are Crocodile wrestling, Kenya aerobics, Amazing Circus and Pig Racing.


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Starting five years ago Sri Racha Tiger Zoo became the biggest zoo of its kind in the entire world providing a home for over 200 of this big and powerful animals. Set up in a beautiful natural atmosphere approximately 30 km outside of Pattaya the zoo is undoubted one of the best day attraction in the Eastern Seaboard.

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While tigers are the main reason for the majority of the visitors there are many other exciting attractions such as - Scorpion Queen, a young lady with plenty of poisonous scorpions on her clothing, Crocodile eggs breaking festival (May to August), Amazing Circus and crocodile wrestling show Pig racingThe Happy Family, the friendship between a tiger, a pig and a dog, living together making it a must to be seen place.As usual for a zoo you will find many animals as camels, deer, wallabies, elephants, Peruvian guinea pigs and more than 90,000 crocodiles.If you like you are able to touch and feed some of those animals and have your pictures taken.


Pick up and drop off from hotel in North Pattaya, Central Pattaya, South Pattaya. (Terms and Conditions)
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Rates for chid apply to those between the heights of 100-140 cms. Child heights are under 100 cms. are free of charge. Open Daily, 08.00 AM 06.00 PM hours